Dishwasher Troubleshooting When There Is Water In The Washtub

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There's nothing worse than going to your dishwasher to open it up after a cycle has finished, only to find that there is water in the washtub. If you still have water in the washtub and you haven't emptied the dishwasher in a few days, it may not just be water in that washtub, but foul odors as well. Water in the washtub means you have a clog somewhere and you need to take care of it. Read on for some troubleshooting and repair tips.

Empty The Water

First and foremost, you need to empty the water from the washtub. Remove the dishes inside, which will most likely need to be re-washed, then use a bucket or a bowl to remove the water from inside the washtub. You may also want to cover your nose, as the smell could be daunting. Once the water is removed, you can look for the clog causing you the issue.

Feel Around The Filter

The filter in the bottom of the washtub may have gotten clogged with time. This filter helps to catch small particles of food and other things, so if there's something in the way, the water will not be able to drain properly. Feel around for anything clogging the filter. Use a small scrub brush to help remove anything stuck on as well.

Remove The Filter

If you didn't find anything clogging the drain filter, you may need to remove this filter entirely to find the clog down further. Remove the sprayer arms, then remove the filter. Once removed, inspect the filter thoroughly and inspect the drain inside the washtub. If you pour water into the washtub and into the drain and water will not go down, you have a clog in the drain.

Snake The Drain

Use a snake to snake the drain and remove anything that is clogging the drain. This drain can accumulate with grease and oil buildup that can harden in the drain and cause a clog to occur, much like your kitchen sink. If the small snake isn't working, you may need something a little longer and more heavy-duty. You can also try using a drain cleaning liquid to remove the clog as well. You'll know the drain is cleared when you can pour water down the washtub drain and it doesn't pool in the bottom of the dishwasher tub.

If you have water in your dishwasher washtub, you need to take care of this problem before attempting to use it again. Hire a professional to help get your dishwasher draining properly if you aren't able to get it done.

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