Why Your Washer Isn't Spinning: Repair Tips

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Your washing machine may not be washing your clothing as well as it should. You may also have noticed your clothing is a lot wetter than normal as well. This may be due to your machine not spinning properly — or not at all. If your machine isn't spinning, there are things you can do to make the repair. Read on for repair tips.

Check Around The Agitator

There may be something wrapped around the agitator (if you have a top loader) that is not allowing it to spin properly. Something like a shirt, leggings, or undergarments may be wrapped around the agitator. Feel around the agitator to see if there is anything keeping it from moving. If you feel something, try to unwrap it by hand. If you aren't able to do this, you can try to cut the item free using scissors.

Inspect The Belt

The belt inside your machine may have gone bad. If you have noticed any burning odors recently, this may have been the belt burning out. Open up your machine to expose the moving parts inside. Take a look at the belt and inspect it. If you notice any damage, the belt should be replaced. Talk to a professional repairman about having this part repaired for you.

Look At The Drum

If you have a front-loading machine, the drum may not be in the proper placement and isn't able to spin any longer. This can happen when the screws holding the drum in place have broken or loosened. Take a look around the drum inside the machine and inspect the brackets and screws. Try spinning the drum by hand to see if it spins. If there are any screws missing, replace them as needed.

Check The Motor

As stated above, try to spin the drum of a front-loading machine by hand. If you can spin it by hand, the problem may be the motor. If this is the case, talk to a professional repairman about having the motor repaired. This may be a situation where it could be cheaper to replace the machine altogether rather than repairing the motor. Consult a repairman first to see what exactly the problem is with the motor before making this decision.

If your washing machine isn't spinning, your clothing isn't getting as clean as it should. Your clothing is also going to be soaking wet, which is going to make the drying time much longer. Call a washer repair service for help making the repairs to your machine.

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