The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Dryer

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There is more you need to do to take care of your dryer than just clean out the lint filter at the end of every load. If you really want your dryer to last, you need to engage in more maintenance than that.

#1 Wash Your Lint Screen

It is not enough to just clean off your lint screen at the end of each load; you need to deep clean your lint screen every few months. Every couple of months, take your lint screen out of the dryer and use some laundry soap to rinse and clean your lint trap. Wash off your lint trap and allow it to dry off before putting it back in your dryer. Alternatively, you can take your lint trap and put it in your dishwasher to clean it.

Cleaning your lint trap with soap will help remove built-up lint and residue from your lint trap.

#2 Clean the Lint Trap Area

When you wash your lint trap, you need to clean the area where your lint trap resides. You can use a special lint brush to clean out the trap where the screen resides. Or, you can use your vacuum cleaner with an attachment to get rid of the lint that falls into the trap instead of on the lint screen.

#3 Check the Exhaust Vent

Third, you need to clean the exhaust vent. The exhaust vent is the tube that connects your dryer to the outside exhaust area. Although the exhaust vent is designed to push out air from your dryer, oftentimes, lint is pushed through the exhaust vent as well. The exhaust vent should be removed from your dryer and cleaned the entire exhaust vent. You may need to use a vacuum cleaner or a long brush to clean the exhaust vent.

#4 Check the Vent Cap

Fourth, you need to clean the exhaust vent cap as well.  The exhaust vent cap is the cap that covers up the exhaust vent. The vent cap often gets dirty not just from lint, but from outside dirt as well. Wipe down the vent cap and clean the inside and outside of the vent cap. This will help keep everything free and will help ensure that air is able to easily be expelled from your dryer.

To take care of your dryer, you need to deep clean the lint screen and the lint trap area. You need to clean the exhaust vent and vent cap as well. Minimizing lint is important for the overall care of your dryer. Keeping lint out of your dryer reduces fire hazards and protects the overall health of your dryer as well. Contact a service provider, like American Appliance INC, for more help.

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