Different Appliances, Different Needs: How Appliances Operate Dictates Who To Call

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You would certainly agree that a refrigerator is different from a stove, right? You would also agree that a dishwasher is different from a water heater and a clothes washer, even though all of those are somewhat related. Appliances make modern life much more convenient, but every one is different, and every appliance operates differently. Sometimes when they break down, they require different appliance repair service technicians, too. The following examples show the what and why of different appliance repair.

Gas-Operated Appliances

Stoves, furnaces, and water heaters that all run on propane or natural gas need either an HVAC repair technician or a plumber. Either of these two professionals has experience with repairing gas pipelines and problems with gas-fueled appliances. A general, multipurpose repair technician could help as well, but only if he/she knows how to deal with the typical and temperamental issues of gas-fueled and gas-operated appliances. 

Electric Appliances

An electrician is typically the person you would call if you suspect that your electrical appliances are on the fritz. A simple matter of wiring or replacing cords can do the trick. If an appliance does not operate using electricity, or if the problem does not appear to be electrical, then you would not call an electrician. You would call a different sort of appliance repair technician.

Water Appliances

Water appliances are those that need water in order to do the jobs people expect them to do. This includes boilers, water softeners, water heaters, washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators that have water and ice dispensers built into the doors. Anything involving water and needs repair is a good repair project for a plumber. If it also involves refrigeration, an HVAC technician may be called as well. A general or appliance-specific repair technician, such as someone who repairs just washers and dryers or someone who repairs only water heaters and water softeners, can help, too. It just depends on the appliance, who you feel might be the right person for the job, and who is available to help when you place the repair call.

Specialty Appliances

Finally, there is a category of particularly select specialty appliances. These specialty appliances may only be sold by specific vendors and stores and may be restricted to just manufacturer-certified repair technicians. These circumstances and appliances are rather unusual, but you would know if you had such an appliance in your home because the installer would draw your attention to these facts.

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