How To Repair A Broken Washer Door

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Washers rely on sensors. If the door is open, the machine will not start. That's partly for safety and partly because water and clothes will fall out of the machine if the door is open in front load washers. Getting a washer repair job done is very important; try to make it a priority, because no one wants to have dirty laundry!

If your washer is not repaired, you can always go to a laundromat, but going there is expensive . It's also not the best way to use your time. You may literally have to spend a few hours there removing your laundry from the washer and then placing it in the dryer. It all adds up. If your door is in need of repair, here are some common problems and tips to fix them.

Door Lock

Before you attempt any washer repair or just any sort of electronic repairs, power off your appliance for your own safety. First look at the door lock. If your door does not lock, you will have to remove your old door lock and replace it. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the retaining band. As you remove the band, note that there are some screws holding an interlock that you need to remove before you get to the actual lock. Once this is done, you can install the new interlock and replace the retaining band and door seal.

Door Latch

If the door's latch is the problem, you need to remove the entire door by unscrewing and then lifting it off the machine. You'll find the latch between the inner and outer door trim so you won't have to remove it. A lot of screws are involved, so be careful not to misplace any. Sometimes, the release mechanism comes in one part, and other times, it may be an assembled part. If you get overwhelmed when you see an assembled part, you may want to stop and call a technician. If not, install the new lock mechanism and reassemble everything that you took apart before.

Door Hinge

It is a simple repair, but it still requires you to use a screwdriver. Unscrew the hinges, and once the door is off, separate inner and outer trims. You will most likely need to remove and replace the hinge and the hinge bearings. Once these parts are removed and replaced, it is your job to screw back everything you unscrewed and removed to get the door functional again.

Contact a company, like Collier County Appliance Service, Inc., for more help.

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