Troubleshooting A Washing Machine: Three Things To Check

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When your washing machine isn't functioning properly, or if it isn't functioning at all, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your appliance. You can fix some small problems on your own, and you can call in an expert if there seems to be a serious problem. Here are some troubleshooting tips to use as you look for the problem with your washer.

Check The Lid Switch

Washing machines have a lid switch that must be engaged to turn on the wash cycle. This switch helps prevent you from turning on the machine when the lid isn't securely closed, which can lead to flooding and damage to your home. If the lid switch is not being engaged when you close the machine, it might not begin the wash cycle. Locate the lid switch on your washer and press it with your finger. It should click into place. If it doesn't, the switch may need to be replaced.

Look For Leaks

Water on your floor can be an indicator for several types of issues. Check the hose fittings on the back of the washing machine to ensure they are securely in place. You may notice moisture coming from the fittings, which may mean that you need to replace the hoses leading to the machine. Before replacing the hoses, try tightening the fittings for the hoses. Remember to unplug the appliance before attempting this or any other type of repair. If the problem isn't coming from the hoses and fittings, there may be a more serious issue causing the leak. Avoid using the machine until it is repaired to prevent flooding in your laundry room or basement.

Check The Breaker Box

In some cases, the problem might not be your washing machine at all. If the breaker your washing machine is assigned to becomes overloaded, the breaker may shut off to prevent overloading. Locate your breaker box and check to see if any switches are out of place. A thrown breaker will not be in the same position as the others, thought it won't always be in the off position either. Once you locate the breaker, turn it off and back on again. If the breaker continues to become overloaded, you may want to call in an electrician to see what the issue is.

If you aren't comfortable doing repairs to your washing machine on your own, or if you are having issues with a dishwasher, dryer, or other appliance, contact a washer repair service to take care of any fixes you need.

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