Should You Buy An Appliance Repair Plan Or Extended Warranty?

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Whenever you buy almost any type of electronic device or large appliance such as a stove or fridge, you will be offered either an appliance repair plan or an extended warranty. These add-ons can help you pay for any unexpected repairs needed on your appliance so you don't have to pay out of pocket. Are they worth the money, however, if most appliances don't break down all that often?

Yes, they are worth it if you are living paycheck to paycheck or if you want that added protection against having to shell out for an unexpected expense.


Before you decide to get an extended warranty or an appliance repair plan consider your finances at the moment. These plans usually only cost a small fee a month or even a one-time fee when you buy the product. The majority of these warranties and plans do cover the entire appliance so you will have no worries should it stop working at any time, it is covered.

There are other considerations to think about as well, such as what exactly is covered? While many warranties do cover the whole appliance, others do not. You need to find out exactly what the plan or warranty will cover before you buy it to avoid any unexpected surprises. Extended warranties can cover anything from frame cracking to wiring problems and some will cover programming for smart appliances. It is best to completely understand what is covered and find out if it's a good fit for your needs before buying.

Are There Existing Warranties?

For the most part, appliances have their own warranties the manufacturer places on the appliance at the sale. These usually last a year and cover most, if not all of the product. Used products may not have the original manufacturer warranty any longer, but the store you bought it from may offer you one or if the appliance is still under the original warranty, you may be in luck. Find out how long the existing warranty is first and research the life of the appliance you are buying looking for how likely are they to break down before buying an extended warranty.

It's a good idea to research the parts of the appliance that are the most likely to break down and check to see if any existing or extended warranties cover it.

What About Your Credit Card?

Before you buy an extended warranty or appliance repair plan, check with your credit card to see if it offers any type of extended protection beyond getting your money back should your purchase go awry. Many credit cards offer their own type of warranty on certain purchases. This could be with an added fee or just part of the annual fee on your card.

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